School Board

St. John’s Catholic School School Board

Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Little Rock will have a consultative school board in accordance with the policies and regulations adopted by the Diocesan Board of Education and approved by the Bishop.

Unlike a public school board, the Catholic school board is not autonomous. According to the code of Canon Law, all parish boards are consultative. Actions of the board become effective only upon the approval of the pastor. Parents of other faith traditions may be board members, but since the main purpose of the board is to assist the pastor and principal in providing quality Catholic education, the majority of board members are to be practicing Catholics. To be a school board member is more than just a commitment, and is distinctly different from a political appointment. It is to contribute one’s talents, wisdom, experience, faith life, and good will to the mission of the school. Individual board members exercise no official consultative role outside the board meeting. Individual complaints are not the responsibility of board members and should not be discussed at board meetings.

(Excerpt from the Catholic Schools Policy Manual for the Diocese of Little Rock)

St. John’s School Board is made up of the following members:

  • Pastor – Fr. Y.C.
  • Associate Pastor -Fr. Mike
  • Principal – Janet Edgar
  • President – Hans Pullen
  • Secretary – Sara Bickerstaff
  • Clint Styles
  • Warren Navarre
  • Karen Bozeman
  • John Adamkiewicz
  • Ann Pham

*Advancement Director – Marianne Layne
**The Principal and Advancement Director, report to the school board but are not voting members of the board.