School Calendar 2017 – 2018

Catholic Schools of Arkansas
St. John’s Catholic School

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August 7-11 -Teachers’ in-service/workdays

August 14 (Monday) – Students report to school

September 4 (Monday)-LABOR DAY (school closed)

September 29 (Friday)-Arkansas Catholic Professional Day (school closed)

October 13 (Friday) – End of First Quarter

October 16 (Monday) Second Quarter begins

October 20 (Friday) Parent-Teacher Conferences (school closed)

October 27 (Friday)- “Tiki-rific” Bazaar

November 20-24 (Mon-Fri)-THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS (school closed)

December 15(Friday)- End of Second Quarter

December 18-January 1-CHRISTMAS BREAK (school closed)

January 2 (Tuesday)-Third Quarter begins, School Opens

January 5 (Friday)-Report Card Day

January 15 (Monday)-MARTIN LUTHER KING (school closed)

January 28-February 3 -National Catholic Schools Week

February 19 (Monday)-PRESIDENTS DAY (school closed)

March 9 (Friday)- End of Third Quarter

March 12 (Monday)-Fourth Quarter begins

March 12-16 – Parent Teacher Conference

March 19- March 23 (Mon-Fri)-Spring Break (school closed)

March 30 – Good Friday (school closed)

April 1 – Easter

May 28 (Monday)- Memorial Day

May 30 (Friday) -Last day of school (Report Card Day)